English Classes for Kids

The ELS Youth Programs provide English classes for kids which offer valuable opportunities for educational advancement and life-changing impact. The proven advantage of language learning as a child or young adult equips participants with the skills to take advantage of a world of opportunities. The ELS English classes for kids provide a fun environment where students are able to meet peers from around the world while improving their English skills.

Our diverse selection of English classes for kids makes it easy to find a program that suits the needs and goals of individual students.

The structure of the English classes for kids combines fun activities with English curriculum to provide a well-rounded program. The classes also incorporate cultural learning, allowing students to actively use their language skills in real world situations, greatly increasing retention and confidence to use the skills they learn after they are finished with the course.

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English Classes for Kids in the United States



The all-inclusive Fun & Sun Camp allows young people to learn English while enjoying sunny St. Petersburg, Florida.


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Learning English at an early age can have a significant impact on the rest of a student’s life. Our team of professional advisors works to ensure students find the right program based on their needs, goals, and ambitions. Our goal is to provide a safe environment where students are able to thrive and grow as they learn English skills that will aid them for the rest of their lives.

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ELS improved my language. Then, they corrected my grammar mistakes and told me many things about my major. Also, they told me how I can get admission [to university], and there are some classes to help me with my major. They gave me many after-school classes every month. I will start university to catch my goal, and I would like to come back and visit my teachers in ELS because I really made new friends there.

Bandar - ELS Intensive English Alumni, Purdue University Graduate, Saudi Arabia

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