ELS Pre-Arrival Test- USA

About the program

Take the PAT to assess your current level of English.

To help you better plan for your English studies, ELS has created a Pre-Arrival Test (PAT). The PAT is a quick, inexpensive, and easy way to assess your current English proficiency. With that information in hand, you will know how much time you will need to complete a course of study in English. You also will know whether you qualify for advanced level courses offered by ELS, such as our business communications programs.


Test Details

The PAT is taken in person at the offices of one of the many ELS-certified counselors throughout the world.

The Pre-Arrival Test includes:

  • Core English Language Assessment – the PAT evaluates your grammar, listening, speaking, and writing abilities in 30 to 50 minutes online
  • Immediate Feedback – Receive immediate, computer-generated feedback on your grammar and listening skills
  • Teacher-Generated Feedback – Receive feedback within 72 hours on your speaking and writing skills from one of our highly trained professional instructors