Last updated June 29


Prospective ELS students can now start their ELS journey early, and register for the free Guided E-Learning (GEL) program.

GEL features a wide range of learning activities and exercises that students do in their own time, including IELTS practice exercises.

This is a great way to start learning and practicing English before the ELS Language Centers re-open in September 2020. The GEL program is completely free for students applying to ELS.

To register please visit and start learning today!

Study options for ELS students | April 22, 2020 

Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation, all ELS centers in the USA and Canada remain temporarily closed, however, our students remain our highest priority.

There are several ways in which we are supporting our students during this challenging period before we can re-open our centers. 

Deferral of applications to September 2020 

ELS is tentatively planning to re-open our centers as early as September 2020. 

Any future ELS bookings can be deferred, without penalty, to any of the following session dates*: 

  • September 14th / 21st 
  • October 12th / 19th 
  • November 9th / 16th 
  • December 7th / 14th 
  • 2021 start dates 

*Start dates vary by center. 

Our ability to re-open our centers will depend on the decisions made by our host universities, and when the US and Canadian governments start issuing visas. There is a chance some centers will not re-open in September. 

Free online English learning activities 

Every ELS student has been given access to our online Guided E-Learning (GEL) platform to continue their English studies with ELS until our centers re-open, at no cost. 

GEL is completely free for ELS students and features a wide range of learning activities and exercises that students do in their own time, including IELTS practice exercises.

Students who continue their students with ELS through GEL can remain in the USA on their student visa and will pay no tuition fees to ELS until our centers re-open. 

Optional online classes 

Some of our students have requested to continue with online instruction taught by ELS teachers until our centers re-open.

After listening to our students and responding to their feedback, we are pleased to offer a new, optional program of online classes for students who want to progress through the ELS levels with support from ELS teachers. 

This program is not designed to replicate our immersive, in-person instructional experience, but is intended to support the student to achieve their academic goals over this period. 

The online curriculum features customized learning materials created by National Geographic Learning. 

Classes begin on May 4th and tuition fees will be $700 per session. 

This program will only be available for current ELS students in the USA or Canada, or ELS students who have returned home. 

More information here. 


ELS would like to thank our amazing community of students, teachers, staff, university partners and agent partners for all their support during this challenging period. We look forward to welcoming our students back to our centers soon.